Developing Future Global Leaders
Training students as expertsOverview

This training program secures excellent foreign students in cooperation with influential universities in Asia. The program aims to improve and thus support Asian technology and economy.

Realizing future cutting-edge technologiesProfessional Education Program

NIT and various companies together enhance professional education specialized for MONOZUKURI. Students learn cutting-edge technologies in a program that fosters future executives.

Matching int’l students with companiesInternship and Career Services

Expert coordinators familiar with the manufacturing-related company give students detailed advice and information on internships and careers.



Since becoming independent, NIT has had a management structure consisting of three parts: the Career Development Program for Foreign Students from Asia Business Operations Committee, which manages all programs; the Career Support Office, which provides employment support, internship promotion, and business consultation services; and the NIT International Center, which conducts Japanese language education and cooperates with overseas universities.
In order to support endowments and scholarships and maintain the ongoing success of our programs which meet the business needs, we have reconstituted the Manufacturing-Industry-Related Consortium to target businesses from broader industry segments in addition to automotive businesses.
International Graduate Program for MONOZUKURI
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As shown in the diagram, we have continued to select outstanding students for our International Graduate Program for Automotive Engineering. We continued the program in 2012 with six new students.
We also provide all our students with the knowledge and expertise obtained through Career Development Program for Foreign Students from Asia by opening up our Professional Education for Industry-Academia Collaboration and Business Japanese Education programs to general students.

Ideal image of staff and education programs to achieve the goals

- Ideal image of staff -
Working actively in the industry
Talented staffers who can become executives (plant managers, president, etc.)
of future production bases constructed in their home countries
(Talented staffers who not only act as a bridge between Japan and their countries
but play a central role in the manufacturing industry expanding its business worldwide)
・ Fulfill quality, prices, and delivery dates that meet world-class standards
・ Increase maximum local supply rates and optimize procurement worldwide
・ Have technical strength and planning ability to autonomously develop regional strategy under the comprehensive global strategy

Human resources who can take leadership in playing roles


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