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Internship and Career Services

In order to assist with job-finding and arrange internships that are highly satisfying and rewarding for both the student and the company, we provide detailed support that includes assigning dedicated coordinators who are familiar with the situation at manufacturing-related companies.

Support Activities that Connect Foreign Students and Enterprises

Internship promotion

Internships significant for both foreign students and enterprises will be provided by matching the desires of enterprises with those of foreign students.

Internship that is highly satisfactory for both foreign students and enterprises can be carried out by matching the needs of foreign students and the needs of enterprises, done by the Career Support Office.

Employment support

WIN-WIN relationships can be built up by supporting the matching of students with enterprises.

We have created an employment assistance manual and opened the Career Support Office. Career and education guidance for foreign students includes lectures related to Japanese businesses and work that are taught by individuals from the business community twice a year. We also hold employment support lectures for foreign students that provide opportunities for learning about Japanese companies and come in useful for job-hunting activities, and we create opportunities for developing business contacts through our Enterprise Library of materials gathered from corporate consortium members, as well as through joint enterprise informational sessions.

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