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Kaizen activities with simulated assembly line Introduction to Engineering Overview
Kaizen activities with simulated assembly line Introduction to Engineering Overview

[Professional Education for Industry-Academia Collaboration]

Introduction to Engineering Overview (Graduate School Shared Course: 2 Credits)

This is a professional education course developed under the Career Development Program for Foreign Students from Asia. It consists of 15 lectures taught by instructors from NIT and other businesses that cover the automotive business in its entirety, including elemental technology related to automotive engineering, manufacturing management, globalization, IT, and industry structure.

Production Engineering Topics (Specialized Courses — 8 Courses, 2 Credits Each)

Students may take these courses to increase their knowledge of specialized fields related to the seven majors at the Graduate School of Engineering.

Management of Technology Education (Specialized Courses — 4 Courses, 2 Credits Each)

Students may choose Management of Technology (MOT) courses, offered by the Techno-Business Administration and Architecture, Civil Engineering and Industrial Management Engineering departments, as fundamental subjects in order to cultivate management skills.

Examples of these subjects include Advanced Corporate Strategy, Advanced Quality Management, Advanced Business Management, and Advanced Production Management.

Training Program for Plant Managers (Corresponds to Such Courses as Production Management)

This program is offered to nurture prospective plant managers for backbone companies as well as small and medium-sized businesses in the Chubu region. The program allows students to discover the problematic aspects of industrial processes at actual manufacturing sites, and the training it provides includes problem-solving discussions and improvement proposals with other students (Japanese adult trainees) and the presentation of improvement results.

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